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summer camp

Camp Director: James Christie
Former soccer professional, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and owner of SocRoc



Our Coaches


Marcos Fernandez

Former professional soccer player - San Lorenzo, Argentina
National D Soccer Coaching License.
Favourite Soccer Team: Boca Jrs., Argentina.
Favourite Player: Carlos Tevez.
Coaching Motto: "My Sucess is the kids Smiles"

Alni Del Rio

National Soccer coaches Association of America - Level 1 and Level 2
diploma - Goalkeeping Diploma,  Psychology of Coaching Youth Soccer - Diploma, Reading the Game - Diploma and New York State West Youth Soccer Association Module Certificate
Favourite Team: NYCFC
Favourite Player: Carlos Valderrama 
Coaching Motto: "The kids come First"

Nicholas Rodriguez

National Soccer coaches Association of America - Level 1 diploma
Favourite Team: Athletico Nacional S.A. - COLUMBIA   
Favourite Player: Ronaldinho   
Coaching Motto: "Lets work together as a team"

Colin Prendergast

Favourite Team: Manchester United   
Favourite Player: Wayne Rooney   
Coaching Motto: "Coaching kids is a big party!Lets have a blast!"

Kris Scott

Favourite Team: Chelsea   
Favourite Player: Dani Alves   
Coaching Motto: "Soccer is played not only with your feet but your heart. My success is to see the kids smiling and having fun"

Guilherme Da Silva

Grew up playing soccer in Minas Gerais, Braszil, play Varsity Soccer at Lehman College 2010-2015
Favourite Team: Cruzerio, Brazil   
Favourite Player: Ronaldo Nazario   
Coaching Motto: "Coaching success is getting a group of kids to play together, as a team,play smart, hard and reach their potential while having fun."


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